It’s no secret that the claims process can be time-intensive, but when your business is suffering from hail damage, delayed claim processing can make you more susceptible to financial loss. Having to wait on adjusters and paperwork just isn’t an efficient model for claims processing anymore. 


The Eyewitness Sensor was developed to provide businesses with a quicker, more efficient solution for claims processing after a severe weather event. As a product that’s simple to set up, solar-powered and wireless, all you have to do is “peel and stick” the base of the sensor wherever you wish, then leave it alone.


Our versatile, free-standing Eyewitness collects property level data in real-time, then distribute it to your provider for more efficient, accurate claims processing. Our units also offer the potential for a wider range of applications beyond parametric insurance operations.


Eyewitness captures the unique vibrations of every impact, provides them with their own time stamp, and it determines the kinetic energy and diameter of the hail.


As a cost-effective solution that requires zero maintenance, Eyewitness is the granular solution that insurance needs. If you’re a business owner preparing for hail season, contact us by emailing or by calling 1-719-375-1622, and we’ll help find a solution that’s right for you.