Under normal circumstances, etiquette dictates that golfers replace their divots whether they lie in the tee-box, fairway, or on the green. However, when hail decides to hit the green, this is not the case. Maintaining and manicuring a golf course is already a difficult task as it stands. But when hail storms roll through, the damage can be devastating and the risk for financial loss can greatly increase.

In August 2018, The Broadmoor Golf Club in Colorado Springs, CO, was battered by near tennis ball-sized hail. The club was forced to close all 36 holes and dedicated more than 1,000 hours into repairing the greens alone. This figure does not even include the fairways, rough, and trees, which also sustained massive damage and required thousands of hours of repair in the wake of the storm.

Beyond course conditions, hail also stands to damage buildings and equipment that are essential to providing a quality experience to club members or customers. Without proper insurance coverage, rebounding from a significant hail storm could prove to be extremely costly and difficult.

Hailios is here to ensure that the hail damage claims process for golf courses is both accurate and efficient. Our proprietary sensors provide an instantaneous collection of environmental data, which allows insurance providers to make precise and timely decisions. If you’re a business owner preparing for hail season, contact us by emailing info@hailios.com or by calling 1-719-375-1622, and we’ll help find a solution that’s right for you.

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