Hail season is underway. With destructive hail events come a host of worries. Business owners need to take precautions to ensure they don’t wind up victims of hail damage. Hail can be a devastating force to deal with when you’re ill-prepared. Especially for businesses in hail prone states. 


Number of State Hail Claims Ranked By Volume


According to an April 2020 NICB Hail Report, Colorado had the second-highest number of hail claims in the US from 2017- 2019, with 380,066, and its neighbor, Texas, was the top state in hail loss claims from 2017- 2019 with 637,977 hail claims with the exception of 2018, where Colorado had the highest claims. Hail season is nothing to take lightly.

  • Over 12.6 million US properties were affected by hail damage. (2016)
  • Roughly $5.37 billion for auto insurance claims, according to hail data. (2008-2014)
  • 2011 saw the highest claims frequency with 4.3 claims per 1,000 insured automobiles in the US due to hail damage.


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