Hail damage can prove to be devastating to any type of crop. In just a short few minutes, a hailstorm can throw off your entire growing season. Luckily, crop-hail insurance exists to financially protect you from what would have otherwise been a disastrous loss. If you’re planting high-value crops, normal crop insurance might not cut it. 


Parametric crop-hail insurance can provide farmers with coverage for risks that are not as easily insurable, a more scientific pricing of products, and an expedited turnaround. In short, your coverage will respond to specific isolated parameters, rather than the physical loss of a crop.



With standard crop-hail insurance, your claim would be paid out based upon the damage done to your crops. However, parametric crop-hail insurance is triggered when a measurable event exceeds a set threshold, such as hail that’s larger than 1 inch in diameter.


Claims processing has always presented another layer of challenge for insurance providers, as often it can be hard to gather accurate data quickly. Our new Eyewitness sensors support businesses by collecting property level data in real-time during weather events, streamlining the claims process by providing insurance providers with instant access to the information they need.


At Hailios, we’ve revolutionized the collection of environmental data. Our free-standing systems empower insurance providers to make more accurate and timely decisions. If you’re a business owner preparing for hail season, contact us by emailing info@hailios.com or by calling 1-719-375-1622, and we’ll help find a solution that’s right for you.