Hail season has begun and if you’re not prepared, you could face massive losses and damages to your business assets. Parametric insurance is something that many businesses could benefit from. Auto dealers and car owners could face vehicle damage that can cost thousands without insurance. Landlords and homeowners could be caught in massive debt as they cope with roof repairs after a hail storm. Even owners and operators of golf courses could be affected by hail damage without a plan in place.


Give your business the ability to record data with precision. Know the time-stamp and impact of each hail strike and access more details about the overall storm. Our free-standing systems empower insurance providers to make more accurate and timely decisions with real-time environmental data collection. 


The current insurance model can leave your business in a financial pit for months or years. But with the parametric insurance model, time-sensitive tasks like site visits and handling claims are eliminated. Our sensors collect the hyperlocal data that insurance providers need as it happens, telling the insurer exactly what happened and triggering a payout based on a predetermined set of criteria for payouts. The process takes less than 10 days before you have access to the funds you need.


As your trusted source for hail protection, we look forward to providing you with news, information, and environmental data throughout the hail season so you can be prepared and keep your assets protected. Don’t become a victim to hail. Subscribe today!